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The Women's Heart Foundation, the only Non-Governmental Organization that designs and implements demonstration projects for the prevention of heart disease, is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to improving survival and quality of life.


  1. to provide for the education of women as consumers concerning heart disease as it affects them economically, culturally, physiologically, psychologically and spiritually;

  2. to provide for the education of health professionals concerning the unique needs of women with heart disease;

  3. to advocate for research into the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and outcome of heart disease as it affects women, particularly minority women;

  4. to support women as caregivers.


The Women's Heart Foundation designs and implements wellness and prevention programs for schools, with an outcome-based tracking system for managing at-risk students . The organization has received both national and international recognitions for its ability to reach out to women. As the front runner for women's cardiovascular disease issues, WHF is proud that the movement that it started in 1986 is now a global one, with mobilization of world health organizations, government, academic and science communities to bring about social change.

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Our Staff
Gail Williams, Personal Fitness Trainer
Teen Esteem program
Mikael Miller, Personal Fitness Trainer
Teen Esteem program
Ebony Porter, Nutrition Aid
Rutgers Extension Services, Snap-ed program
Walt Arkus
Teen Esteem program, equipment repairs

Our Programs and Initiatives
  • AED for Churches Initiative

  • Teen Esteem Health and Fitness program at Trenton School District (since 2004)

  • Women's Heart Week February 1-7 (since 1994)

  • Take New Jersey Women to Heart (November 2003 - June 2005)

  • The Gender Care Initiative® (since 1999)

  • Medication Safety Week (since 1999)

  • Healthy Hearts Guides (since 1991)

WHF has invested in capacity-building; remained loyal to its local community; kept the promise; secured its information systems; and expanded its network of health partners and volunteers. WHF now looks forward to making its programs available to every child in every school so that parents, teachers, school administrators and health leaders can begin to come to terms with the obesity crisis that threatens the future of America.

The organization's board of trustees is supported by medical, legal and financial advisors and five standing committees: Education, Outreach Communications, Fund Development and Nominations.


Walt Arkus
William R. Healey
Robin Heston
Dr. Stacen Keating
Ann Sikora
Jonathan Pearson - trustee emeritus

Chief Financial Officer: Girard Pisauro III, CPA
Chief Counsel: Andora and Romano
Copyrights & Trademarks: Mathews, Shepherd, McKay and Bruneau
Executive Director: Bonnie Hartman Arkus

Past Chief Medical Advisor (2005-2009)
Barbara Roberts, MD, FACC
Director of the Women's Heart Center
Meriam Hospital, Providence, RI

Past Chief Medical Advisor (1997-2004)
Steven Samuel, MD, FACC, USA
Trenton Cardiology Associates, NJ

Past Chief Medical Advisor (1992-1997)
James D. Sink, MD, FACC, USA
Former Chief of Cardiovascular Sugery
Philadelphia Heart Institute, PA

Science Advisor/Gender Medicine
Marianne J. Legato, MD, USA
see biography

Advisory Board

Dolores Daly

Darlene J. Goldstein, MD

Lyman Hunter, Pharm D

Cheryl Lunnen, RN

Luis A. Mispireta, MD, FACC, FSTS, FICPS

Dula F. Pacquiao, EdD, RN CTN

Joanne R. Samuel, MSN, RN, CS, CCRN

Jan R. Weber, MD, FACC

Kathleen B. Williamson, MS, RNC, FAACVPR

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