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  2005 Dec12 Release.
  For Immediate Release.
  Contact: Bonnie Arkus 609-771-9600
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WHF's Teen Esteem© program to be part of the poster session

Trenton, NJ, December 12, 2005 - The Women's Heart Foundation was recently selected to present at the First World Congress on Gender Medicine, to take place February 23 - 26, 2006 in Berlin, Germany. WHF's abstract on its Teen Esteem© program was accepted by the Congress review panel. Teen Esteem© is a gym-alternative program for high school girls with a customized, gender-specific approach to their health and fitness. Bonnie Arkus, RN, the Teen Esteem© Project Director, will co-present with Dr. Kathleen Ashton, PhD, RN, the Teen Esteem© Program Director and Principal Investigator for the Teen Esteem© research study.

The Congress Honorary President is Vivian W. Pinn, M.D. Director, Office of Research on Women's Health (NIH), USA. The Congress President if Marianne J. Legato, MD, FACP, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and Founder/Director of The Partnership for Gender Specific Medicine, New-York. Other esteemed world leaders serving on the Congress committee include:

  • Europian Chairpersons Karin Schenck-Gustafsson, MD, PhD, FESC Director, Center of Gender Related Medicine Karolinska University Hospital, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Europian Chairpersons Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, MD. Vize-Director - Cardiovascular Research Center Chair Cardiovascular Disease in Women, Gender in Medicine Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin & Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin (DHZB), Berlin, Germany
  • Chairperson Amano Keiko MD, PhD, Director of Chiba Prefectural Institute of Public Health. Chiba City, Japan
  • Middle-East Chairperson Gideon. Kopernik, MD Director, Menopausal Unit and Endoscopy Surgery Kaplam Medical Center, Rehovot, Israel
  • American Chairperson Kathryn Sandberg, PhD Director, Center for the Study of Sex Differences in Health, Aging and Disease Georgetown University, Washington, DC , USA
  • Congress Secretary Zeev Shoham, MD Director, Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Unit Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot, Israel

The idea that the prevention, detection, treatment and outcome of illness and the phenomenon of aging affect men and women differently is revolutionizing health care. Men and women differ in basic aspects of their normal function and the experience of the same illnesses. The first Congress will focus on the gender- specific features in both the normal function and in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, bone and the central nervous system. Sexual dysfunction in men and women, menopause and andropause, differences in drug metabolism and in the physiology of aging will also be discussed. The Congress is intended for general practitioners and other healthcare professionals interested in the emerging science of the differences between men and women. The application of the new knowledge should improve the morbidity and mortality of all patients.

The aim of the Congress is to familiarize practitioners with new developments and the expanding science of gender-specific medicine, to show how they affect clinical practice, and to highlight areas for future research. This is the new direction of medicine and the basis for the First World Congress on Gender Medicine. For more information or to register, click here.

The Women's Heart Foundation is a public-supported charity dedicated to prevention of heart disease and to improving women’s survival and quality of life. For more information about the Teen Esteem program, go to www.womensheart.org You may contact WHF by email at bonnie@womensheart.org and request a free Teen Esteem video CD. Consultation is by appointment only. WHF, P.O. Box 7827, West Trenton, NJ 08628.



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