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Caregiving and General Health
Consumer news
  1.   AARP - caregiver help for Boomers, travel info, insurance and more
  2.   About.com
  3.   Assisted Living Locator
  4.   Book Club - WHF recommended reading for wellness, prevention, coping
  5.   BoomerWomenSpeak.com
  6.   Caregiver.com
  7.   Caringbridge.org
  8.   Best Hospitals (source: US News World Report)
  9.   EmpowHer.com - female empowerment for medical decision-making and portal
  10.   EmpowHer.org - female empowerment for financial management
  11.   IBS Tales.com - female support for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  12.   Healthcare Reform Update - TheHEART.org radio show April 2011
  13.   HealthyWomen.org - National Women's Health Resource Center
  14.   PatientPower.info - patient interviews by Andrew Schorr
  15.   SeniorLiving.org - comprehensive senior care resource center
  16.   Social Security Resource Center for Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
  17.   WebMD.com
Children's Health
  Amazing Food Detective - SOLVE EACH CASE!
  Calculating Your Child's BMI Score
  Hip Candy - fashions for teen girls to connect
  My Pyramid Blastoff Game - an Interactive game on fueling your body
  Teen Spark - Adventure living for teens

Communication Tools for Caregivers
  Advance Directives
  Care.com - to hire caregiver support quickly
  Diseases Explained
  Dr. Mirkin
  Dynamic Living - specialized medical needs equipment
  Dynamic Medical
  Healthology video library
  Healthy Living - from Healthfinder.gov
  Medicare Rights - Free e-Newsletter
  Medicare Today
  Mesothelioma and Women
  National Family Caregivers
  New Jersey Family Care
  Palliative Care Help
Pharmacy support
  Rosalyn Carter Institute at Georgia Southwestern University
  Real Age Quiz
  State Report Cards on Open–Heart Surgery

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
  Compare Chelation Methods
  National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
  National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine -enews

Diabetes Care
  Lifescan Glucose Monitoring Device by J&J
  MiniMed insulin pump by Medtronic

  Exercise Directory

Gender Medicine
  The Partnership for Women's Health at Columbia.edu
  Heart Truth Lecture Series for Clinicians
  Heart Truth Problem-based learning
  Heart Truth "Standarized patient care"
  Women and Heart Disease - care outcomes studies from AHRQ
  Personal Health Tools, Videos on Girl/Women Health from Healthfinder.gov
  Prolonged Q-T Interval- drugs contributing to sudden death in women

Heart Disease Statistics
  WHF's Purple Ribbon Campaign

Heart Procedures
  Stent Use- FDA Guidelines
  Live webcasts of heart surgery and other operations

Heart Disease and Heart Wellness
  AHRQ-Recent Research Study Summaries
  American Heart Association
  Cholesterol Guidelines from NIH
  CRP Health (C-Reactive Protein)
Girls Mental Health - US government site
Healthline Interactive Human Heart - Guide to invasive procedures
  Heart Attack - Act in Time to Heart Attack Signs
  Heart Attack - information from NHLBI/NIH
  Heart Attack - video from NHLBI/NIH
  Heart Disease MD
  Mental Health - NIMH publications
  Mental Health - Antidepressant use
  National Academies Recommendations: Exercise & Eating for Healthy Americans (Sept 2002)
  New Federal Government Cholesterol Guidelines
  Other Medical Conditions and Diseases

  Cardio-thoracic bra by Aztec
  Home health blood cholesterol kit from Bio-safe
  Home health testing kit for cholesterol from Homehealthtesting.com
  Long-term Care Insurance from LovedOnesatHome.net
  Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center
  Multifunction CardioGram (MCG) for risk-free diagnosis of heart disease by PremierHeart.com
     Distributors: (Physicians: Contact one near you to set up a free demo!)
  1.   CardiacAnalytics.com - OH/PA/IL/DC based. Exclusive VA Hospital sales
  2.   IdealMedicalDevices.com - NY/NJ/PA/DE based
  3.   SkylineMedicalSystems.com - AZ based
  United Ostomy Surgical Supply- to order an Omron Blood Pressure device for self-monitoring

Medical Professionals
  National Guidelines Clearinghouse

Medicine Safety
  Acetaminophen - Consumer guide for safe use
  Acetaminophen Tutorial
  Acetaminophen Poster - Warnings for consumers
  Acetaminophen Use - Health professionals
  St. John's Wort Interractions
  Drug Therapy and Aging - Peter Lamy Center
  Listing of drugs affecting Q-T interval and Torsades Registry
  Medication Safety - a message from former NJ governor Christie Whitman

  AHA's "Better Fats Sisters" webisode
  Atkins Diet - TheHEART.org radio show December 2010
  DASH Eating Plan to control high blood pressure
  Detox the world - Natalia Rose
  Vegan Lifestyle by Michael Gregor, MD
  What to Eat to Protect Your Heart - Report from a Leading Research Team
  Triglycerides-lowering through Diet   

  Patricia Fripp - online tips on how to speak to an audience
  Lois Trader "Lady in Red" - heart disease survivor - CA
  Lori Radcliffe, RN - Fitness Nurse, stand-up comedy - NJ

Stress Management
  Mind Tools

Support Groups/Social Networking
  Ask Dr. Helen Pensanti, MD - a women physician supports bioidentical hormone replacement
  Dr. Helen Zielinshi Landon, PhD - a clinical psychologist provides online support
  Friends Health Connection - Find a Heart Friend
  Modern Mom - online support of moms with a fashion twist
  Manic Mommies - online support of working women
  ShesConnected.com -- WHF online discussions about prevention and wellness

Stroke Care and Support
  Brain Attack: The Journey Back by Liz Pearl and Kope Associates (order book)
  Stroke: Rewiring the Brain - Dr. Taub's Research at UAB

Wellness in Schools - Resources for school nurses, school board members and PTOs
  National Association of School Nurses - Position Papers & Resolutions
  YouTube: Secretary of Education Arne Duncan "Thinking Differently about our Schools"
  YouTube: NYC Dept Education Lori Rose Benson testifies before Congress on CHAMPS program
  YouTube: MindfulSchools.org
  YouTube: MindUP school curriculum - Goldie Hawn Foundation promotes happy children
  YouTube: Dr. Dan Siegel - audio and video clips - healthy mind; healthy brain
  YouTube: Omega workshops for teachers - institute mindfulness in schools

Women’s Heart Coalitions and Awareness Campaigns
  Go Red for Women movement
  NIH Heart Truth WEAR RED for Women Campaign
  Sister to Sister

Women’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers
  Orchid Recovery Center-Florida
  Alcohol Rehab Program



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