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Barbara Roberts, MD, FACC

picture of Barbara Roberts, MD

Barbara Roberts, MD, FACC

Cardiologist, Author and Lecturer


  • BA, 1965, Barnard College of Columbia University, New York, NY
  • MD, 1968, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

  • INTERNSHIP: University Hospitals of Cleveland, 1968-69

  • RESIDENCY: Yale New Haven Medical Center, 1969-71, Yale University

  • STAFF ASSOCIATE: National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md., 1971-73

  • POST DOCTORAL FELLOW, CARDIOLOGY: Brigham and Women's Hospital, 1973-75, Harvard University

  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE: Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine, 1975-77

  • PRIVATE PRACTICE OF CARDIOLOGY: Providence, RI, 1977-2000.


  • CLINICAL APPOINTMENT: Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, the Brown University Program in Medicine

  • BOARD CERTIFICATION: Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine Diplomate, American Board of Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Fellow, American College of Physicians

  • Fellow, American College of Cardiology

  • Fellow, College of Chest Physicians

  • Induction into Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame 4/29/2006
  • Local Legend 2004 -American Medical Women's Association
  • Rhode Island Heart Association: Physician of the Year 2003
  • Rhode Island Medical Women's Association: Rhode Island Woman Physician of the Year 2000
  • Distinguished Teacher Award, Brown University School of Medicine, 2000
  • Sportswoman of the Year 1985, Providence YMCA
  • Found Women, Ms. Magazine, 1973

  • President, RI Medical Women's Association, 2003-2004
  • Contributing Editor, Women's Heart Health, ProCOR
  • Advisory Board, Initiative to Educate Afghan Women
  • Advisory Committee, Women's Health Summit, Cleveland Clinic 4/05
  • Women's Heart Health Advisory Board, Woman's Day Magazine

  • Rhode Island Medical Women's Association
  • Rhode Island Division, American Heart Association
  • The Lown Cardiovascular Foundation. Brookline, MA
  • Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
  • Red Dress Racing
  • BOOK: How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart: What Every Woman Needs To Know About Cardiovascular Disease, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2004
  • CHAPTER: "Gender Specific Aspects of the Experience of Coronary Artery Disease" in Principles of Gender Specific Medicine, Elsevier Press, 2004
  • Married to Joseph A. Avarista. Three adult children.
  • Address: The Women's Cardiac Center at the Miriam Hospital, 164 Summit Ave., Providence, RI 02906
  • Phone: 401-793-5750 (office)
  • E-mail: Barbara_Roberts@brown.edu or bhroberts@lifespan.org
        January 27, Women's Heart Health, New York, NY
        January 28, Women's Heart Health Jamestown, RI
        February 5, Interview for "Local Legends", San Diego, CA
        February 10, Women's Heart Health, St. George's Church, Pawtucket, RI
        February 12, "Gender Specific Aspects of CAD", Worcester, MA
        February 13, Women's Heart Health, Radio Interview with Arlene Violet, RI
        February 20, Amazing Women Radio Show Interview, RI
        February 20, Women's Heart Health speech for American Heart Association Breakfast
        February 22, Women's Heart Health Cumberland, RI
        February 23, TV Interview for Women's Heart Health, Channel 10
        February 24, Gender Specific Aspects of CAD, Providence, RI
        February 26, Women's Heart Health, Newport Hospital, Newport, RI
        February 27, Gender Specific Aspects of CAD, Lown CV Institute, Boston, MA
        March 20, 21, Speaking of Women's Health, Cincinnati, OH
        March 23, Gender Specific Aspects of CAD Grand Rounds Hartford Hospital, CT
        April 4, Women's Wellness Workshop, Providence, RI
        April 14, Gender-Specific Aspects of CAD , Pawtucket Memorial Hospital, RI
        April 17, Reading with Robin Radio Interview on Women & Heart Disease
        April 23, Grand Rounds, DeWitt Army Community Hospital, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
        April 29, Rhode Island College Women's Heart Health
        April 30, Cranston-Johnston Regional School "Tar Wars" Cranston, RI
        May 1, Cleveland Clinic Guidant Fellows Course, Cleveland, OH
        May 12, Guidant Training Course, Women and Heart Disease, Boston, MA
        May 17, Seacoast Hospital Group, Gender-Specific Aspects of CAD, Portsmouth NH
        May 19, New York, NY Gender-Specific Aspects of CAD
        May 19, Grand Rounds, Peninsula Hospital, Far Rockaway, NY
        May 19, Women and Heart Disease, Peninsula Hospital Women's Association
        May 29, Brown University Commencement Forum: Women and Heart Disease
        June 5, Newport, RI Gender Specific Aspects of CAD
        June 15, 5th Intl. Heart Health Conference, Milan Italy, Women and CVD: A Global Perspective
        June 28, Providence, RI, The Tommy Rocket Show, Women and Heart Disease
        September 22, Brown University Medical Women's Association, Gender-Specific
    Aspects of Coronary Artery Disease
        September 23, Worcester, MA, Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Women
        September 29, Providence, RI, Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Women
        October 13, Springfield, MA, Gender-Specific Aspects of CAD
        November 6, ISECT annual meeting, St. John, V.I., Cardiac Surgery Beyond 2004, Keynote speaker
        December 2, annual RI Medical Women's Association educational lecture, "Gender- Specific Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease


        January 25 Amazing Women Radio show - Women and Heart Disease, Providence, RI
        February 5 Go Red For Women Luncheon, Women and Heart Disease Chatham, MA
        February 9 Gender Specific Aspects of CVD Cranston, RI
        February 14 Radio Interview on Women and Heart Disease, aired Cincinnati, OH
        February 17, Communications Technology as a Tool for CVD Prevention,     2nd International Conference on Women, Heart Disease and Stroke, Orlando, FL
        March 6, Women and Heart Disease, Boca Raton, FL
        March 10, Gender Specific Aspects of CVD, Narragansett, RI
        March 11 and March 12, The Power of a Healthy Heart, Speaking of Women's Health Annual Convention, Cincinnati, OH
        March 17, Gender Specific Aspect of CVD, URI College of Pharmacy, Newport, RI
        April 9, How to Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Valley Hospital, Paramus, NJ
        April 13, Gender-Specific Aspects of CVD, Anesthesia Group, Providence, RI
        April 15, Gender-Specific Aspects of CVD, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
        April 19, Dyslipidemia, Landmark Trials, Current Therapy, Warwick, RI
        April 20, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, JCC, Providence, RI
        May 3, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Slatersville, RI
        May 10, Women and Heart Disease, N. Kingstown, RI
        May 11, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Pawtucket, RI
        May 23, New Knowledge in Women's Heart Health, 6th Intl. Preventive Cardiology Conference, Iguassu Falls, Brazil
        June 3, Women & Heart Disease, Barnard College, New York, NY
        June 7, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Johnston, RI
        June 18, Gender Specific Aspects of CVD, Newport, RI
        June 22, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Rhode Island Hospital, RI
        Sept. 6, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Portsmouth, RI
        Oct. 13, Gender Specific Aspects of CVD, King Edward VII Hospital, Bermuda
        Oct. 14, How to Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Bermuda College
        Oct. 16, Know Your Numbers, Bermuda Heart Walk, Hamilton, Bermuda
        Oct. 22, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Roger Williams U. Bristol, RI
        Nov. 4, ISECT conference, CVD Prevention in Women, Aruba, NV
        Nov. 5, ISECT conference, Dylipidemia: Landmark Trials, Current Rx, Aruba, NV
        Nov. 9 Cholesterol Lowering in Various Populations, Providence, RI


        Jan 24, Roger Williams Univ. Heart Health for Life, Bristol, RI
        Feb. 7, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Hadassah, Warwick, RI
        Feb. 8 Gender-Specific Aspects of CVD, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT
        Feb. 9 How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Epoch Center, Providence, RI
        Feb. 10 Coast Radio, Heart Disease in Women, E. Providence, RI
        Feb. 15, Amazing Women Radio, Women and Heart Disease, Providence, RI
        Feb. 16, NIH Think Tank, Primordial Prevention of CVD, Bethesda, MD
        Feb. 27, Preventing HD in Women, Newport Hospital, Newport, RI
        March 9 Gender Specific Aspects of CVD, Nursing Conference, Wichita, KS
        March 10 Gender Specific Aspects of CVD, Wesley Med Ctr, Wichita, KS
        March 25, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, RI College, Providence, RI
        March 27, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, Johnston, RI
        April 13, The AIM-HIGH Trial: Rationale & Eligibility, Pawtucket, RI
        May 4, Gender Specific Aspects of CVD, Nursing Conference, Providence, RI
        May 6, How To Keep From Breaking Your Heart, WWW, Warwick, RI
        May 16 Gender Specific Aspects of CVD, Charlton Hosp. GR, Fall River, MA
        June 8 The AIM HIGH Trial: Rationale & Eligibility, Providence, RI
        June 19, Women and Heart Disease, Providence, RI

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