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  Oct 27, 2008 Release.
  For Immediate Release.
  Contact: Bonnie Arkus 609-771-9600

BENEFIT RAISES $7,500 for the Women's Heart Foundation

Dilip Keshu introduces first in a series on "Profiles in Courage"

Princeton, NJ- Sept 11, 2008 - Over 100 people attended the first Profiles in Courage event in Princeton with seventy five hundred dollars being raised for the Women's Heart Foundation on the 7th anniversary of Patriot's Day. Event organizer Dilip Keshu introduced Profiles in Courage as part of a series and that will always contain the following three elements: an art show by TruTok - an online art community founded by his 12-year-old son Ishar who, his father boasts, "has amazing art talent"; an inspirational speaker; and an elegant affair. This, he said, will be a way to help raise funds for the Women's Heart Foundation. "We all have mothers. Many of us have sisters and daughters. We must do more to help women survive heart disease. That is why I chose to support this charity. More women than men die from heart disease each year, and the death rate is rising in younger women under the age of 45. We must come together and support women's health, wellness and heart disease prevention programs for women", said Mr. Keshu.

Mr. Keshu made several references to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and said that he will use this occasion to pledge his support to improve the lives of women as many are suffering the deleterious effects of high levels of stress in today's society. "I want to set an example for my young children. This is something good that we can all do to improve the lives of others", he said.

Keynote Jessica Melore, a heart transplant recipient, talked about her many serious health challenges and how a positive attitude and belief to live each day to its fullest has helped her to cope.

Dr. Glenn Laub presented on sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and the fact that CPR has not been effective at reviving people. Delivering a shock to someone with SCA can be life-saving when following the 3-minute rule. With a 76% survival rate, defibrillators now need to become more readily available -- in all public places -- to save a life from sudden cardiac arrest. WHF announced it recently became a distributor for Defitech defibrillators, with 100% of net proceeds from sales to benefit women's heart health and prevention programs.

Phil and Dolores Daly were recognized for their role in advocating that a defibrillator be placed into every police car in the state, after losing their own daughter from sudden cardiac arrest nine years ago.

Mr. Keshu is president and CEO of Cambridge Worldwide, an international technology company. He resides in Princeton, New Jersey with his wife Priya, and their three children. Below are some photos from the Profiles in Courage event.

If you wish to reach WHF about ordering a defibrillator, contact defibtechsales@womensheart.org or call 609-771-9600 and leave a message.

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Photo 1: Dilip Keshu
Photo 2: Jessica Melore
Photo 3: Dolores and Phil Daly with Mr. Keshu

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Photo 1: Anju Ghosh, Mohan Venglat, Shalini Venglat, Ken Lipper
Photo 2: Ishar Keshu
Photo 3: Priya Keshu with Dr. Glenn Laub and wife Karen

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Photo 1: Priya Keshu, Harsha Sadagopan
Photo 2: Harsha Sadagopan, Priya Keshu, Anju Ghosh
Photo 3: Radhika & Kalyan Satya

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Photo 1: Mohan Venglat, Siddharth Mittal
Photo 2: Ritikka & Ankur Saxena
Photo 3: Richelle and Robin Heston

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Photo 1: Sam Faraag, Jessica Melore
Photo 2: Amy Worthington, Mohan Venglat
Photo 3: Rosemary Guarinieri, Bonnie Arkus

The Women's Heart Foundation, based in Trenton , New Jersey , is the only non-governmental non profit organization implementing heart disease prevention projects and is dedicated to improving survival and quality of life. Its flagship programs include Teen Esteem Health and Fitness - a gym-alternative at Trenton Central High School , Women's Heart Week Feb 1-7 and The Gender Care Initiative®. Sales of defibrillators will be made available on its website STORE - Heart Care Products page, beginning September 26. For more information, you may contact Women’s Heart Foundation at 609.771.9600.

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