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  December 4, 2008 Release.
  For Immediate Release.
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The program is being looked upon as a winning public health model


Trenton, NJ- Dec 4, 2008 - WHF and Trenton Central High School hosted its first international visit yesterday at the Teen Esteem program. Dr. Tawanda Mandaza of Zimbabwe and his assistant, Katie of CARE International, visited the Teen Esteem Health and Fitness Program at the school.

Dr. Mandaza is on a search for a heart disease prevention program for Zimbabwe. So far, he has found the Teen Esteem program to be the best as it is the most comprehensive and holistic, he said.

"I have been searching the internet and visiting sites across the country and believe that this program far exceeds others I have seen." Dr. Mandaza was so impressed with the Teen Esteem program that he describes it to be "as vital as air and water to these girls". He said "I can see what the Women's Heart Foundation has done. It is remarkable. We want this program for our schools. The school is the natural place for heart health programs to take place."

Dr. Mandaza said Zimbabwe, formally called Africa's Bread Basket, has suffered a drought for the past seven years and now must import all of its food. There is currently much unrest with changes in the power structure and money is inaccessible. The people have no food, electricity or clean water to drink and they are dying from cholera and starvation, he said.

Dr. Mandaza is a specialist in public health. He currently teaches at American University. Accompanying him on the visit was his assistant, Katie, who works for CARE International. Dr. Mandaza is founder of Merjori Mandaza Foundation for Heart Disease Prevention, named for his mother who died from heart disease at the age of 57. Below are photos chronicling Dr. Mandaza's visit to Trenton Central High School on December 3.

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Photo 1: Katie, teacher Rick Weiss, Dr. Tawanda Mandaza
Photo 2: Katie, Rick Weiss, Dr. Tawanda Mandaza

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Photo 1: Katie, Dr. Mandaza, head teacher Constance Kelley, Bonnie Arkus
Photo 2: Katie, Dr. Mandaza, Constance Kelley, Bonnie Arkus

The Women's Heart Foundation is the only non-governmental non profit organization implementing heart disease prevention projects and is dedicated to improving survival and quality of life.

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