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  Nov 20, 2010 Release.
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thumbnail Rochdale Village Healthy Heart Project  


Over 200 in attendance for a free MCG test. Senator Shirley L. Huntley and Dr. Robert Evans commit to continue the fight against heart disease in African American women

Jamaica, New York, November 16, 2010 — A Senior Center in Jamaica, New York was the site of bustling activity November 13 as 200 women arrived to take advantage of a unique opportunity with a new community wellness initiative aimed at empowering African American women to combat heart disease. Called The Healthy Heart Project at Rochdale Village, this collaborative community effort was coordinated by Senator Shirley L. Huntley and Dr. Robert Evans, with assistance of the newly founded Community Wellness Centers of America, LLC, that is basing its wellness outreach on a new testing device for heart disease called Multifunction Cardiogram or “MCG”. MCG is a risk-free test with 90-95% accuracy rates in diagnosing ischemic heart disease. Community members enjoyed a full day of activities, including a complimentary sit-down lunch, and featuring the MCG™ screens. Volunteer physicians and healthcare technologists conducted the screenings at six stations for the one-day outreach.

thumbnail sen huntley  

“Heart disease is our number one killer in America. African Americans suffer disproportionately and women’s symptoms often go unrecognized”, said Senator Huntley. Dr. Evans concurs “The people of Jamaica suffer a death rate from heart disease that is five times greater than the death rate nationally. These numbers are unacceptable. This is a health crisis made worse by the recent hospital closures.” New York legislators recently passed a resolution to conduct an impact study on the closure of the St. John’s Hospital in Queens and the Mary Immaculate Hospital in Jamaica and how this will affect members of the surrounding communities and access to care. Founding members of the Community Wellness Centers of America, LLC responsible for organizing the Rochdale Village Healthy Heart Project are Dr. Robert Evans, Dr. Michael Rand, Dr. Nachmy Bronstein and Rich Wildzunas.

thumbnail Heart Health Project Leaders  

Pictured above are leaders at the Heart Health Project at Rochdale Village that launched November 13. Left to right are: Bonnie Arkus, RN, Dr. Marie Eduard Nathalie Desvarieus, Dr. John E. Strobeck, Dr. Nachmy Bronstein, Dr. Michael Rand, Senator Shirley Huntley, Dr. Robert Evans, Dr. Norbert Rainford and Dr. Joseph T. Shen.

Premier Heart MCG™ co-founder and co-developer Joseph T. Shen, MD was onsite to assist with the screenings and answer any questions about the device. Physician- volunteers included: Dr. Marie Eduard Nathalie Desvarieus, Dr. Norbert Rainford, Dr. John E. Strobeck, Dr. Aryel Nicoleau, Dr. Michael Landor, Dr. Susheel Kodali, and Dr. Abraham Bornstein. MCG distributorships who volunteered their time to conduct the free screens include Ideal Medical Devices in New Jersey, Cardiac Analytics/North Atlantic Region in Pennsylvania, and MCG™ technologies of New York. Bonnie Arkus, RN, and other Women’s Heart Foundation volunteers helped coordinate on-site logistics. OmniMD, set up an electronic medical record system – employed for the first time ever in a wellness setting. Results of the screening project will be published in the next issue of Women’s Heart E-news.

For more information about The Rochdale Village Healthy Heart Project, please visit Senator Shirley L. Huntley's website


The Women's Heart Foundation (WHF), a 501c3 and the only non-governmental organization that implements heart disease prevention projects, is dedicated to prevention of heart disease and improving survival and quality.

The Community Wellness Centers of America, LLC is committed to introducing technologies into the community wellness setting, such as MCG and EMR, that can greatly reduce the cost of healthcare and save lives. For more information, contact Dr. Michael Rand at drmrand@gmail.com

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