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  Dec 20, 2010 Release.
  For Immediate Release.
  Contact: Bonnie Arkus 609-771-9600
thumbnail Rochdale Village Healthy Heart Project  


Disease Severity Score of more than 4 was found in twenty individuals, requiring follow-up care

Jamaica, New York, December 20, 2010 Outcomes of the Healthy Heart Project at Rochdale Village demonstration project show a need for greater awareness and intervention programs. The data examined risk and determined an MCG disease severity score in 54 individuals, many of whom had 2 or more risks for heart disease. The population screened were residents of Jamaica, New York, with a focus on women. There were 169 who registered for the MCG; 54 received the test; others were seen on follow up visits, but the data herein does not reflect follow up outcomes. OmniMD employed an EMR (electronic medical record) to track the data. The outcomes of the November 13 outreach were as follows

  • # of Registered Participants =169
  • # of Female =156
  • # of Male =13
  • # of MCG tests performed = 54
  • # with MCG score >4 =20
  • # with MCG score >7.5 =1
  • # with High Blood Pressure = 86
  • # with Family Hx HD = 65
  • # of Tobacco users =73
  • # of Alcohol users =76

Clinical guidelines for MCG Disease Severity Scores and follow up were followed, as set forth by the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM). Score range is 0-22. A score of 4 or greater:'Clinically -a moderately abnormal test indicating a high probability of < 70% coronary obstruction and regional ischemia.' A score of 7.5 or greater and less than or equal to 15: 'Clinically -a severely abnormal test indicating a high probability of > 70% coronary obstruction and the potential for the presence of left ventricular dysfunction.' Greater than 15: 'Clinically -a markedly abnormal test indicating a high probability of multi-vessel coronary obstruction > 70% with severe regional and global ischemia, left ventricular dysfunction, ventricular arrhythmia, and the potential for severe hemodynamic abnormalities including cardiogenic shock.'

Sen. Shirley L Huntley expressed her sincere appreciation to the volunteers of the outreach event to raise awareness of women's #1 killer - heart disease, and said that she believes many lives were saved as a result. Twenty individuals of the 84 who were tested in mid November 2010 had an MCG Disease Severity Score over 4, indicating need for medical follow-up care. One person had a score of 7.5 and was also symptomatic, indicating severe vessel disease. This person required urgent follow-up care.

The Heart Health Project at the Rochdale Village set forth the mission to 'Close the Gap in health disparities'. Rochdale Village is a community of 80,000 residents, consisting chiefly of African- American populations. THe MCG screening day that took place last month represents a new beginning.

For more information about The Rochdale Village Healthy Heart Project, please visit Senator Shirley L. Huntley's website


The Women's Heart Foundation (WHF), a 501c3 and the only non-governmental organization that implements heart disease prevention projects, is dedicated to prevention of heart disease and improving survival and quality.

The Community Wellness Centers of America, LLC is committed to introducing technologies into the community wellness setting, such as MCG and EMR, that can greatly reduce the cost of healthcare and save lives. For more information, contact Dr. Michael Rand at drmrand@gmail.com

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