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  Aug 10, 2011 Release.
  For Immediate Release.
  Contact: Bonnie Arkus, WHF, 609-771-9600. Bonnie@womensheart.org
  Contact: Chante Bradley, CEO of Acereel Studio, LLC. 215-884-5224. acereelstudio@hotmail.com

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"17 Days of Fashion" to Launch Event in Philadelphia
featuring a Fashion Show and Casino Night

August 10, 2011, Philadelphia -- Acereel Studio announced today their participation in 17 Days of Fashion 2nd Annual Event. "The Heart of Fashion" Runway - Fashion Show is one of 21 events commemorating the two-and-a-half weeks highlighting the fashion industry in Philadelphia.

Acereel Studio Smooches Full-Figured Models will "Walk the Runway for a Cause" on Saturday, August 20, 2011 at Philadelphia's Independence Hall Holiday Inn Hotel located at 401 Arch Street. This show will benefit The Women's Heart Foundation. The show's purpose is to educate people on heart disease and how it affects the African American community. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. African American women suffer the highest mortality of any group.

"We have joined forces with The Women's Heart Foundation and their sponsors for a day of fashion, art and heart awareness in an effort to save a life" said Chante Bradley, CEO of Acereel Studios. "We are thrilled to tell our participants that, thanks to our partners, we will be offering heart disease testing using the Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG) device to a limited number of attendees." MCG is a remarkable new test that is becoming more widely available in the northeast region of the country. MCG is able to diagnose ischemic heart disease with 95% accuracy in 15-20 minutes time without any risk to the patient whatsoever. Using applied computational electrophysiology and mathematics, the MCG compares an individual's heart signal to 40,000 others to arrive at a more linear diagnosis. Esteemed cardiologist Dr. Abraham Bornstein of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York and Dr. Rameesh Adiraju, interventional cardiologist at Lower Bucks Hospital will both be attending the event and serving as volunteers.

"This is a great collaboration to support the heart health of women, particularly minority women whose hearts may be more vulnerable due to mounting risk factors ", said Bonnie Arkus, RN, Founder and Executive Director of the Women's Heart Foundation. "Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, yet it is often preventable and even reversible" she said.

Detecting heart disease in women has been an ongoing challenge within the medical community. Testing is not as accurate or reliable and heart disease symptoms are milder and more vague in women. Organizers and partners believe this clinical challenge will change with greater access to MCG.

"The Heart of Fashion event gives the Women's Heart Foundation the opportunity to raise awareness about MCG, a device that is revolutionizing heart care. It is our best hope for reversing the rising death rate in women", Bonnie said. Studies confirm MCG's reliability, she said. WHF plans to use the event to launch TOUCH A THOUSAND HEARTS campaign whereby the WHF will ask each attendee to reach out to at least 1,000 friends and family members to inform them about MCG. Using social media and other means, the WHF believes this heart-felt message coming from every woman's heart will help expand the use of Multifunction Cardiogram and make it more accessible nationwide. "This is an urgent message to use MCG to save our hearts and save our lives!"

Two MCG testing machines and technologists will be onsite, thanks to WHF partner Ideal Medical Devices of New Jersey. Testing services will take place during the Casino portion of the show, with a cardiologist onsite to answer any questions.

VIP Pre-event Casino Fundraising will take place from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, with the Runway Show - the main event - to take place with other performances from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Fashion designers being showcased at the Runway event include

  - Veronica L of Tru-Diva Designs
  - Torrid
  - Chinoo Designs
  - IMME
  - Self Conscious Designs by Marie Antwanette
  - Empress Lingerie
  - Love Cili
  - Jelly Beans and Lip Gloss Designs by Kenya

The show will feature full-figured models, two fabulous hosts, famed radio personality DEZZIE and the legendary SHELLY-SHELL of Urban X-Pressions, Live Art, Live Performances and Live Broadcast by Exposure Nation. If you are unable to attend this event, we ask that you give a small donation towards this cause. Help us fight this deadly disease which is killing so many of our African American Sisters. Tickets may be purchased or donations made by going online: Smooches Model Event

The HeArt of Fashion Show is also featured on facebook.

For more information, contacted Smooches Models Fashion Show Directors at acereelstudio@hotmail.com or visit the website at www.smoochesmodels.com where you can join the SMOOCHES mailing list.


Acereel Studio is located at 25 South Easton Road, Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038 and promotes the self-esteem, health and success of full-figured women.

Ideal Medical Devices is located in Clifside Park, New Jersey and is a distributor for Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG). Multifunction Cardiogram is trademark of Premier Heart, owner of the technology, located in Port Washington, NY. For more information about MCG, go to www.IdealMedicalDevices.com or www.premierheart.com.

Women's Heart Foundation (WHF), a 501c3 charity implementing heart disease prevention projects in schools and communities, is dedicated to improving survival and quality.

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