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  Jan 29, 2012 Release.
  For Immediate Release.
  Contact: Bonnie Arkus 609-771-9600


Smooches models to outreach to community and
share a vital health message to women

Program in support of DHHS Million Hearts Campaign

TRENTON, JAN 27, 2012 -- Acereel Studio of Glenside, PA and Women's Heart Foundation have been working together a number of months to provide a unique outreach with a series of skits to be delivered by Acereel Studio SMOOCHES Models throughout the year. A brief five minutes in length, each script will deliver a vital health message to women. The outreach is set to begin February 1 in commemoration of National Women's Heart Week. This year marks the 18th annual Women's Heart Week program that takes place February 1-7 each year.

Chante Bradley is CEO of Acereel Studio, and her husband Darryl Bradley, is Director of Photography. Chante describes her passion and why she started this enterprise.

"My background is event planning, and my husband's - art, photography and multimedia. We wanted to find a business that blended our skills. Together, we created Acereel Studio" she said.

"I personally wanted to promote women's self-confidence through Acereel. Our society often views oversized women to be unattractive, just because they don't fit into a size 2 dress. Many of the women in our community who are now our clients, are accomplished professionals, business owners, artists. They fit into a size 10, 12, or even 18, but they are deserving beautiful women who work hard to be the best they can be."

Ms. Bradley says Acereel gives any woman the chance to feel good about herself through specialty photography that promotes one's alter ego and enhances self-esteem. Ms. Bradley contacted the Women's Heart Foundation last February to ask to be involved in promoting women's heart health. Acereel had planned several events to showcase its models and wanted to name a charity as the beneficiary of any fundraising they wished to incorporate into their events. She and her business partner, Jessica Porter, found the Women's Heart Foundation on a web search and they both knew right away that they had found the perfect fit.

"The Women's Heart Foundation is a local charity" she said. "We were looking for a charity nearby that we could work with. Further, we wanted the charity to be involved with our company because we serve larger-sized African-American women who are at higher risk of heart disease" she said.

Bonnie Arkus, WHF Exec Director, concurs. "We love working with Acereel. Heart disease is our #1 killer and African-Americans suffer from high blood pressure at a higher rate than other racial or ethnic groups", she said. "High blood pressure is a major risk for heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Acereel is able to deliver this health message to the highest risk groups, using art and fashion as a vehicle. Through this collaboration we can reach many more people and support the Department of Health and Human Services Million Hearts Campaign, with the goal to lower the number of deaths of stroke and heart disease by one million over the next five years."

The WHF began its affiliaton with Acereel Studio March 2011 with the 17 Days of Fashion Reception , a media event that took place in center city Philadelphia. The 17 days began on August 20, and featured designers and artists from throughout the region. The fashion extravaganza was co-founded by designer Anthony Henderson. A Philadelphia native, Henderson now lives in California, but travels to Philadelphia to help co-manage and launch the many events.

Acereel's The HEART of Fashion fashion show event was held August 20, 2011 at the Holiday Inn on 2nd Street and included a runway show, celebrity guests, live radio production, and a Casino Night. WHF provided an educational component on heart health with two cardiologist presenting, and offered free heart testing with the MCG technology.

Acereel Studios is a multimedia company specializing in Actors' reels, professional model training and specialty photography sessions. They also do video production. Acereel Studio is located in Glenside, PA. For more information, go to Acereelstudio.com

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