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Noreen Daly Carlson on a fishing boat off the coast of New Jersey

It is several years since we lost our Noreen. She was the eldest of five children and a very special big sister. We are blessed with wonderful memories and feel so lucky to have had her for 47 years. Here is Noreen two years before her death. She loved to party with her children and she loved fishing at the shore. Her symptoms of heart disease were totally missed - misdiagnosed, misinterpreted and mistreated.

Noreen Daly Carlson with son Ryan Noreen and her daughter Sarah Noreen with Ryan

As a young girl she was a good student, active, loved sports particularly swimming and enjoyed many friends and therefore we had many young folks always in our home.

During her high school and college years good grades were the rule. But there was also time for friends, dancing (she loved the Beetles) and tennis. She was very attractive, liked clothes and therefore loved shopping. Noreen worked part time during the school year in retail and full time in the summer - one year as a mother's helper. Psychology was her choice as a major. As the eldest in our family she was the Big Sister always looking out for her siblings. When our youngest was born she was 14 and became his second Mom and always played that role in his life.

Noreen's adult life was very full. She had grown in so many areas beyond her years. Active and happy she possessed a good sense of humor, a beautiful smile and was so attractive. We were so proud! Noreen loved her husband, John, her two children, Ryan and Sarah and her home. At the local grade school she was co-president of the PTA and active in assisting the principal. Well known in the town - a great party person and having 30 to 40 guests was never a problem. Halloween was her favorite holiday and on that day in 1999 she suddenly left us. Noreen was misdiagnosed and died of a heart defect called Long QT.

The sadness will always be with our family but so will the happy memories. All her life she thought of others and in her death Noreen was an organ donor. All her long bones and her eyes going to 13 fortunate persons across the country.

As for now I know she is smiling down on us because of our work with the WHF. She would be the volunteer if she were here today. This wonderful organization led by Bonnie Arkus is women's heart saver and each day more people learn more about women's heart disease and one day, hopefully, it will no longer be the #1 killer of women.

       - Dolores & Phil Daly

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